Ending the Camino of 2016


We walked the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances) in Spring 2013. We walked about 400 miles in 45 days (8 rest days).  In Fall 2014 we walked much of it again and also some of the Camino Finisterre. We walked about 300 miles in about 40 days. This time we walked the Camino Portuguese and Camino Finisterre.  We walked about 200 miles in 31 days (3 rest days). On the first two caminos we skipped some parts,  taking taxis,  trains or busses,  this time we walked the entire way. No skipping.

Our “slow camino” approach has been successful for us.  We walked about 8 miles a day,  sometimes as much as 12, sometime only 4 or 5. Since we walk less we don’t really need many rest days. Our feet have done very well with minimal problems. We like having time in the afternoons to explore the city or village we are in or just read and post to the blog. We usually have our big meal in the afternoon at 2 or 3 and have a minimal dinner from the grocery store.

On our first Camino we found that our attitude changed four or five days before the end.  We stopped thinking about the journey and started thinking about the end and getting there. That didn’t happen on this Camino, the last 4-5 days were just about the same,  we looked forward to getting up and walking each day.

It helped that the last 4-5 days were each beautiful and interesting in their own way. We stayed at interesting and varied places and met interesting and varied people.

We have a week left over at the end so we decided to spend it in Lisbon in an Airbnb apartment. We are in Lisbon now. The airbnb is much nicer than we expected and we are having fun settling in and exploring the city. More on this in the next few days.


5 thoughts on “Ending the Camino of 2016”

  1. I love you two! You are such an inspiration !! Next time you’re over we want to share our space and stories!!


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